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The Feather Fund
partners with the
River Parishes

The Feather Fund NOLA presented A Cultural Blast in St. Charles Parish on Monday, July 3, 2023. This event was hosted in partnership with The River Parishes Tourist Commission and Shell featuring live performances by the Big 6 Brass Band and Carnival Indians Showcase prior to the Bucktown Allstars and Fireworks Display. Press Release from St. Charles Parish

Children. Change.

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Celebrating the Aboriginal Carnival Injuns (Indians) and the history of Louisiana through life, history, and cultural sharing.


of culture



Access to



A heart for

The Feather Fund NOLA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on the three key principles. The first is to uphold and celebrate the culture, music, and history of the Aboriginal Indians (Injuns) of Louisiana and the intersection of all Louisiana cultures. The second is to provide education and activities to promote the aboriginal culture. The third is to provide opportunities and programming for youth in high-need areas and around our community.

Ray Gregson, St. Charles Parish Public Schools

Creating Cultural Opportunities for our Community

Our mission is to Renew! We want to use technology and the promotion of STEAM activities to educate our youth, empower our communities, and help Louisiana citizens to achieve economic opportunity and advancement in the STEAM fields of work. We also desire to tell our feather story and share light and love with the world.

Resources &


Collaborating with Industry


through Events

Trusted Among Community Partners

In collaboration with numerous organizations, The Feather Fund NOLA wishes to stretch its reach by utilizing resources and partnerships wherever possible. The Feather Fund has received support from the following groups.

 Tourism in our Region: River Parishes Tourist Commission [Elizabeth Joseph]

St. Charles Parish
River Parishes
Tourist Commission
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
United Way of 
St. Charles Parish
Louisiana Office
of Tourism
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